Friday, 21 January 2011


Here I have some update pictures from the challenge...

Day 14 crazy january challenge

I am doing Winnie the pooh Season blocks for this one which is spring.. Had this chart years and want to finish them all in the end.

Day 13 Crazy January Challenge

I decided to stitch an all our yesterdays kit for my nanna as it was her who gave me the chart and she wants to see it finished so this was my next choice.

Day 12 of the Crazy January Challenge

I chose wipe your damn feet for today as I really like this and its going to be framed and placed near the front door. Once I got the hang of the feet it moved along quite quick really want to finish this one soon 

Day 11 of the Crazy January Challenge

Ok so I am a bit late with the blogging what with one thing an another I have not been able to catch up with all the blogging I need to do. For day 11 I did Kells Love Sampler I have only stitched the top band bit on this one..

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Day 10 Of The Crazy Cross Stitch Challenge

For Day 10 I decided to do the Forever Friends Fairy Tale which I had intended to do earlier in the challenge but changed it for the hugging Forever Friends.. I love this chart so much :)

Day 9 Of The Crazy Cross Stitch Challenge

Ok so for day 9 I chose to do Kells I'm A One Drink Woman Sampler which my mum just loved. When its finished she is going to put it on her bedroom wall..I am not that confident at back stitch but thought there is no better way to learn than to practice it..I changed the colour of the aida as I thought white glasses and red wine would stand out better on black aida..